How Video Consumption is Changing in 2020

Video is becoming increasingly important to brands than ever before. Every day, we stream our favorite shows, videos, YouTube among others. The popularity of video content is due to the rise of millennials and generation Z consumers. These age groups ate more connected to the internet than older generations. Tow trucks in Fayetteville make use of video content to advertise their services and this use as seen a surge in customer acquisition.

Marketers should know how to leverage video in their marketing strategy. Video is greatly beating the likes of email, infographics, and other forms of advertising. Rather than relying on commercials during sit-ins, brands are becoming more innovative and sharing their content and products on video. Video is not going anywhere and is always expanding, changing, and evolving the way we do business.

Here is how video consumption is changing and influencing the way marketing and advertising are being done in 2020.

Consumers rely on marketing videos

Consumers are now relying on marketing videos than ever before. They visit websites and look for online reviews before they can commit to making a purchase. Video contents are being accessible on every major social media network. Brands are also seeing a higher engagement than ever with video marketing. Stats show 87 percent of consumers want to see more videos from brands to guide them in making purchasing decisions. Consumers rely on product demos, unboxing, and video reviews to make decisions.

Gen Z can’t do without Video

Millennials and Generation Z would greatly struggle in adapting to life without video content. Those under the age of 35 find a better impact and need to look at video content to aid in their decision-making process. Aside from using video for entertainment, these generations also watch videos for information gathering purposes. Without video consumption, their purchasing decision will be greatly affected.

Video consumers want to escape from daily life

In the past, older generations would turn to their favorite TV programs when the stress of the day carried over.  Platforms have now changed with young generations turning to social media to have their frustrations taken away. People are turning to YouTube to relax and unwind and feel better. People make people forget their problems instantaneously as they get carried away by what is happening at the moment on what they are watching.

Consumers want to learn more about their interests

We are living in an information age and today’s consumers are more knowledgeable than ever. People are turning to YouTube with motivation to watch content that teaches them new things especially those related to their interests, passion, and hobbies. They always want to learn something new. People are giving a big priority to whatever makes them become better versions of themselves. People want to watch videos and educational content on products related to their interests and passion. Consumers no longer care about the length of the video they are watching.

There has never been a better time than now for brands to make use of videos in their overall marketing strategy.

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